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Check it out: Spring Police Officers Journal debuts interactive Flip Page

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: April 26, 2018

– By Jennifer Gomori, POJ Editor

This Spring the Police Officer’s Journal is making its’ debut as an interactive digital Flip Page, which readers can view on their computers and smartphones. Click here to view the first Flip Page POJ, which can be accessed by clicking on the Spring 2018 Journal on the Publications pages of the POLC and LEEP websites.

While physical copies will no longer be mailed, that doesn’t limit readers from printing the Journal or any portion of it. Simply click on the Print icon, the printer icon on the bottom right of the Flip Page, and select the desired print range. Viewers can also download a PDF version of the Journal, which they can save to their computers or other devices. Just click the Download arrow icon right next to the Print icon on the bottom right.

Viewers can Share the Flip Page Journal with friends, family and associates via email through the Share icon, which looks like an envelope in the bottom right corner. For the social media savvy, check out the Social Share (arrow up) icon on the bottom left. There you can Share the Flip Page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Making the publication the right size to easily view can be achieved through one of two options. Click on the Fullscreen icon (a window frame on bottom right side of Flip Page) to enlarge the Journal. This makes the entire document larger, but still keeps it full frame. A Zoom icon, (magnifying glass in the bottom left corner) allows readers to quickly magnify sections of articles for easy reading.

For those who want to see a quick view of the Journal contents, there is an Auto Flip function icon (box with arrow pointing right) on the bottom left. A Thumbnails button (four small boxes next to Auto Flip) allows you to quickly view all pages at once in a reduced size, enabling website visitors to quickly locate articles.

We welcome your comments, which can be made by clicking on Contact in the top right corner of the POLC website.

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