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Contact your legislators today to fight pension, health care reform bills

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: November 30, 2017

Bills on pension and health care reform are scheduled to be introduced on Thursday, November 30th.

We need as many of us as possible calling and e-mailing your State Representative and Senator. We must curtail this legislation.

Continue to monitor both the POLC at polc.org and Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO) websites. You are all members of our political arm – MAPO. The POLC and MAPO continue to work together to fight against this impending legislation.

Please do not take this lightly. Let your legislators know how you feel. Click on the links below for contact lists for the Michigan Senate and State Representatives. When you contact your state representative and senator, please use the talking points listed below. We encourage you to contact them more than once and recruit others to do the same.

1. Tell them how important your pension and retiree health care is to you and your family.

a. How it protects you and your family if you get hurt or killed in the line of duty.

b. How most police officers do not get social security.

c. Average retirement age of a police officer is early 50s which leaves a 10-15 year gap before we can go on Medicare.

2. Tell them what changes you have made with your city or township to help them lower costs. For example, 2 tier pensions, elimination of defined benefit retiree health care, DC retirement plans, wage cuts, etc. Show them your community IS doing what it needs to do and the state does not need to help. A “one size fits all” law will only hurt your communities.

3. Tell them to stick to the task force plan and give it a chance to work. This was a long, well-thought through process by experts and stakeholders and should be given a chance to work. Tell them that you do NOT support ANYTHING beyond the task force plan.

4. Finally, talk about all of the problems we are having with recruitment and retention of fire fighters currently. These changes will only make it worse.

Please forward this information to every public worker you know, particularly any retirees that may not be on e-mail lists. This has the potential to affect every public worker and retiree in Michigan.

Our strength is in our numbers!

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