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Greenville Patrol moves to POLC for better support, pay, benefits

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: January 16, 2018

— By Jennifer Gomori, POJ Editor

After being kept out of the loop the last several years, Greenville Patrol found not only support by switching their union representation to the POLC — they discovered how fast a new contract can be negotiated on their behalf.

“We were very unhappy with our services that we were getting, or lack thereof. It was steadily declining the last seven years,” said local union president Chad Aniszko about the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM). “We were not consulted for the contract negotiations or union representation. Even getting a hold of our business agent for POAM was extremely difficult.”

Greenville Patrol was represented by POAM nearly 20 years and Aniszko has served as local union president the last 10 years. He noticed a big change with the service provided by POLC Labor Rep. Will Keizer.

“I praise Will. He came on board July 1 (2017) and we already had a contract within six weeks,” Aniszko said. “The negotiations couldn’t have gone any smoother. It really solidified why we know we made the right move.”

The POLC successfully negotiated a three-year agreement for the 13-member group with increases in pay and benefits and Employees maintaining zero cost for their health care premiums. “One of the big benefits we do have is free healthcare,” Aniszko said. “(Employees) pay their normal deductible, but we don’t have a monthly paycheck cost to healthcare. We are extremely fortunate the City still does that.”

The group also received two percent wage increases in year one and the ability to negotiate wages the remaining two years. Their sick time maximum accrual increased 80 hours and Employees with 20 plus years of service received two extra paid vacation days.

“The highlight of the contract was we had one shift without a supervisor all the time. We were able to make sure the Acting Shift Supervisor is being paid accordingly, where they weren’t in the past,” Aniszko said. “They were put in charge, but not paid to be in charge and now they are being appropriately compensated for it.”

Previously, when an Employee filled in for a Shift Supervisor they were not given any pay increase. Under their new contract, Acting Shift Supervisors receive the Sergeants’ pay rate.

Aniszko said contract language is a lot clearer now too. “We cleaned up the language. Our contract was very old and very vague,” he said. “A lot of different areas really benefited us.”

Even more reassuring for Greenville Patrol is the feeling of being able to reach their Union representative when needed. “Seven years and my partner had never met the POAM representative,” Aniszko said. “Already Will has been to the department three to four times plus. He’s easy to get a hold of.”

“The Greenville DPS is a top-notch Unit,” Keizer said. “The POLC looks forward to many years of positive, productive representation of the Greenville PSO’s.”

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