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Karoub Report – July 2018

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: July 23, 2018

Closing arguments have been held in a 24-day preliminary exam on whether Department of Human Services Director Nick Lyons had individual legal duty by statute or otherwise to notify the public about Flint’s Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks in 2014 and 2015; The paid sick leave and minimum wage increase ballot proposals have drawn the ire of some in the business community. Michigan Opportunity, a ballot question committee affiliated with the Michigan Restaurant Association, has filed a complaint in the Court of Appeals alleging the minimum wage increase proposal  “unlawfully seeks to amend the current law by reference and without re-enactment and publication of that law as required.”; Gov. Rick Snyder has signed into law legislation (SB 652, 653 and 654) that gives him the power to appoint three new commissions within the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ); The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (MLCV) says lawmakers should return to Lansing immediately to undertake investigations as to why the DEQ in 2012 did not take a staffers report connecting PFAS chemical contamination to various diseases and health issues; The Senate has only 30 days of session scheduled for the remainder of the year and the House has 29. The House will return to session after Labor Day for the month of September, although three of those weeks are just two-day session weeks. The Senate meets one extra day that month; The Michigan Supreme Court (MSC) recently heard oral arguments from both sides of the Voter Not Politicians (VNP) ballot proposal to have an independent commission redraw Michigan’s political districts. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has mounted a legal challenge to a ballot proposal that is designed to put an end to gerrymandering in the state; and Under legislation (HB 4198, 4185 and 4265) signed into law by Gov. Snyder, Michigan drivers will now be required to leave at least three feet of space while passing bicyclists on the road. For more on these and other legislative issues, please click on the July 2018 Karoub Report below.


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