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Karoub Report – October 2019

Posted by: jgomori Posted date: October 28, 2019

Republicans have introduced 47 supplemental budget bills in the House and Senate to bring back $256 million of the $947 million of the line-itemed vetoes that include private college grants, charter school funding increase payments to local governments and county road patrol money restoring spending Gov. Gretchen Whitmer eliminated with her vetoes; Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens has blocked the state from enforcing the emergency rules on Gov. Whitmer’s ban on flavored vaping products; A change in state policy raising the asset limit for three major public assistance programs this winter will allow more Michigan residents to take advantage of those services; The House unanimously approved legislation that would require many out-of-state websites that facilitate online sales in Michigan to collect and remit the 6 percent sales tax; Gov. Whitmer has ordered that new limits on the amount of PFAS compound that can be in Michigan drinking water be committed to rules; By Aug. 1, 2021, every Michigan school and daycare center would need to install lead-free drinking water stations per 100 occupants; and by a vote of 107 to 1, the House passed SB 47, which would exclude the placement of solar panels on residential real property from assessments of true cash value in regards to property taxes. The measure heads to the Governor’s desk. If signed, Michigan assessors, previously told to include solar panels in assessments, will have to reassess those property values. For more on these and other legislative initiatives, please click on the October 2019 Karoub Report below.

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