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Lansing Township Police tout POLC for making them feel like they matter

Posted by: jgomori Posted date: August 7, 2019

– By Jennifer Gomori, POJ Editor

Lansing Township Police Department may be a small, especially in comparison to the much larger city department, but they shouldn’t lack attention from their Union simply because of size.

That’s a key component of the business model Police Officers Labor Council (POLC) is known for and the reason why the Township department decided to leave Capital City Labor Program, Inc. and become POLC members Nov. 30, 2018. A month later their contract expired and the POLC went into negotiations for them.

“POLC has been great. The members are very happy about it. We feel like we’re represented for the first time in quite a while,” said local union President Pat Herson. “We just weren’t getting the sense of mattering with our old unit. We’re not a big bargaining unit so we just always didn’t get the attention.”

Some Lansing Township Officers knew POLC Labor Rep. John Stidham from having worked with him. They also heard about the POLC through representation of neighboring departments. “I personally belonged to an agency that belongs to POLC and POLC used to represent Lansing Township (Command),” Herson said, speaking of his time with the Barry County Sheriff’s Department, a POLC unit.

Stidham said the two-person Lansing Township Command Unit was represented by POLC in 2010 when he became a POLC Labor Rep. “They were already discussing going with Capital City and promised me it was not because of POLC or its’ service but wanted to be whole with the department and in unison with the road patrol unit,” Stidham said. “They left POLC, so I was never able to work with them on a contract. Those members have now retired.”

“John’s always been an upfront individual,” Herson said. “He also represented a couple other groups I knew of. I had some questions and they weren’t being answered by our people and so I called John and he was really quick to help us.”

When Stidham recently took a short medical leave, fellow POLC Labor Rep. Greg Huggett stepped in to work on contract talks while he was off.

“It was one of those feelings where even though we’re a 14-man unit, they made us feel like we’re a 150-man unit,” Herson said.

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