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Lansing update – bills passed

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: December 7, 2017

The Police Officers Labor Council, through its affiliation with MAPO and the Labor/Management Coalition of Michigan consisting of police, fire, rank and file and managers, worked together to maintain the pensions and retiree health care for all first responders throughout the state.

The goal of the coalition was to “Protect the Protectors.” On December 7th, Senate Bills (686-701) and House Bills (5298-5313) were passed that follow the Responsible Retirement Reform for Local Government Task Force recommendations that the coalition supported. We wish to thank Governor Snyder, Senate and House Leaders, and Legislators for their consideration in passing this legislation.

Your unending calls, sending e-mails and contacting your representatives voicing your concerns and positions on these issues made a significant impact. Thanks to all of you.

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