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LEEP Award winner hired by Dearborn Heights PD right after graduation

Posted by: jgomori Posted date: July 18, 2019

— By Jennifer Gomori, POJ Editor

Wayne County Regional Police Training Academy (WCRPTA) graduate William Ruch made the transition from cadet to full-time Police Officer in a couple weeks and picked up a Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) Award to help him pay some bills in the meantime.

Ruch was also given a $225 Kehrl Award from Schoolcraft College Foundation for being third academically, with a 94 percent average.

Photo courtesy of Dearborn Heights Police Department
Wayne County Regional Police Academy Graduate William Ruch, a newly hired Dearborn Heights Police Officer, received a LEEP Award May 2, 2019.

“That’s with taking 10 Directors’ tests, the legal exam and firearms test. The Directors Test deals with everything from constitutional law to search and seizures,” said WCRPTA Director Anthony Mencotti. “He’s consistently done excellent in firearms, excellent in defensive tactics and when I say excellent, I’m talking hands-on driving pursuit, hands-on defensive tactics dealing with a combative subject. Physically he’s extremely gifted. He has a tremendous heart – he never gives up.”

Ruch was one of 23 pre-service cadets in a graduating class of 44 May 2, 2019. His nearly five years as a Booking Officer at Dearborn Heights PD gave him a leg up on the non-sponsored competition. On May 20, he was sworn-in as a Dearborn Heights Police Officer.

“I worked in the jail doing prison intake, monitoring the prisoners while in custody,” Ruch said of his former part-time position. “At that time, I was attending Madonna University, getting my bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. My friend at the college was working there and another family friend was a Reserve Officer with Dearborn Heights and he let me know they were looking for people.”

Ruch, 24, recommends law enforcement students get real life experience. “Doing it and talking to people about it academically is a different experience,” he said. “I thought it was a very good experience to kind of test the waters to see if I would actually enjoy law enforcement. Livonia has Public Service Aides and I know a few others do as well. If you find yourself enjoying that, it’s probably right for you.”

Ruch was Sergeant twice in the academy. “I appointed him to be a Sergeant of his team for the last four weeks, which is very important because this is graduation day and family day,” Mencotti said. “Out of his team, he’s the guy I chose because he did a very good job. The final four weeks are very crucial. Your team has to look sharp. He’s responsible for making sure everyone is on time, shoes and uniforms neat and pressed, clean shaven if it’s a guy. I need someone I can really count on to make sure that’s done.”

Ruch is looking forward to expanding his law enforcement knowledge as a Dearborn Heights Police Officer. “There’s a lot of different bureaus within the department,” he said. “I’m going to test out a few things and find my niche in the department.”

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