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Legislative Update March 4, 2014

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: March 4, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,
There are several items to address in this latest legislative update:

  1. MCOLES – There has been additional work done on Senate Bills 411-412. These bills make a number of changes to MCOLES authority. Our MCOLES members (Weiler, Timpner, Luty) have worked with the AG’s office and others to limit the scope of the changes. There will be an updated bill draft coming soon that reflects some of the changes agreed to at MCOLES. We will forward the new versions in a separate email.One other item: the bills put in statute the membership of MCOLES. MAP and POLC will be put in the MCOLES statute. DPOA will be returned to the MCOLES Board. A resolution from MCOLES to endorse these seats being put in statute rather than Executive Order was approved.
  2. Revenue Sharing/EVIP – The Governor’s budget proposal increases funding for local government in the following categories:
    CONSTITUTIONAL LOCAL $745,542,422 $764,927,600 2.54 % INCREASE $19.4 MILLION
    COUNTY INCENTIVE PROGRAM $29,152,000 $42,240,000 31 % INCREASE      $13.08 MILLION
    COUNTY REVENUE SHARING $116,608,000 $168,960,000 44.8% INCREASE     $52.35 MILLION
    EVIP $235,840,000 $243,040,000 3% INCREASE          $7.2 MILLION
    CGAP INCENTIVES $15,000,000 $5,000,000 66% DECREASE       $10 MILLION
    ONE-TIME EVIP 0 $28,800,000 $28.8 MILLION INCREASE
    TOTAL $1,142,142,422 $1,252,968,000 9.7% INCREASE       $110.82 MILLION
  3. House Bill 5097 – “PA 54 Fix” – Speaker of the House Bolger has voiced his support for HB 5097, introduced by Representative John Walsh. This bill would exempt 312-eligible employees from the restrictions in Public Act 54 of 2011. The House will begin committee hearings the first week of March. Senator Richardville and Governor Snyder have expressed their support for the bill. As expected, the MML has begun their campaign of misinformation to attempt to derail this effort.
  4. PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX FIX – The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday passed out a package of bills to “fix” the local funding issue that was created by the PPT reform of last year. This bi-partisan package of bills will guarantee full replacement of local funding for public safety. The Senate will pass the full package next Wednesday (March 5) and the House expects to take up the package immediately the following week.
  5. House Bill 4804 – Introduced by Representative Pete Lund of Macomb County, HB 4804 would specify that if a city or charter county adopts a resolution, ordinance or charter provision that prohibits the offering of a DB plan to some or all of its employees, then the subject of a DB plan would be a prohibited subject of collective bargaining. The Snyder Administration has indicated they are not supportive. In Local Government Committee today (Thursday, the 27th), the bill was considered but only testimony was offered. No vote was taken.

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