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Posted by: POLC Staff Posted date: November 23, 2016

Beginning early last month, we began hearing rumors about legislative changes that could affect retiree health care and/or pensions all for municipal employees.  Our organization, in cooperation with our partners at MAPO, began an active campaign to contact legislators around the State to express our concerns with this important issue.   We asked for the commitment from both sides of the aisle to not vote on any changes in lame duck.

Some of the responses we received were:

 State Senator Rick Jones
“Count on me for a hard NO vote!”

State Rep David LaGrand
“I have always been on advocate of pension retention, and always will be”

State Rep Erika Geiss
“I agree that it should be a transparent process particularly when public employee pensions are subject to the Michigan Constitution.”



State Rep Sarah Roberts
“I support public pensions and believe that they should be maintained. I will continue to support these pensions and work against any attempts to change them.”

Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich
“Team Ananich is with you”

State Rep Pam Faris
“I support and will fight to maintain the current pension system for MAPO members and all state employees.”

State Rep Sam Singh
“I commit that I will not support changes to the pension system during the lame duck session.”

State Rep Tom Cochran
“Rep. Cochran is willing to make a commitment to not vote to change public pensions throughout the remainder of his term.”

State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr
“I will work hard to prevent these changes from happening during the 2016 lame duck session, or at any point in my time in office. Public employee pensions must be protected.”


State Rep Stephanie Chang
“I won’t support any changes to public pensions that hurt retirees” 

State Rep Andy Schor
“I am highly unlikely to vote for or to support any major change to the public pension system in the lame duck session.”

State Senator David Knezek
“I am committed to honoring my father and his brothers and sisters in blue by fighting against any threat to pensions and benefits; moreover I do not wish to consider any changes to this system during the lame duck period.”

State Rep Laura Cox
“I understand that you are concerned potential legislation may be introduced in the future. Should any bills that are related to Law Enforcement Officers’ pensions and health care be introduced, I will be sure to keep your thoughts and concerns in mind.”



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