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Big savings for NAPO members & spouses with hearing loss

Posted by: ignite Posted date: February 18, 2014

Police officers are exposed to a lot of noise that, over time, can affect their hearing. Untreated hearing loss may contribute to many health conditions including depression, dementia, diabetes and heart disease. It also puts a strain on relationships because people with untreated hearing loss often misunderstand words and may respond incorrectly.

Even when people know they have hearing loss, they can take a long time to get treatment, largely due to the high cost of hearing aids.

Now, through hi HealthInnovations, a UnitedHealth Group company, NAPO members and their spouses can purchase high-tech, custom-programmed digital hearing aids at a fraction of typical retail prices. Other hearing aids on the market can cost $4,000 to $8,000 per pair, but hi HealthInnovations offers them for only $799 – $999 each, depending on the model. NAPO members and their spouses can save an additional $50 per hearing aid off these already low prices.

For more information on this special offer, click here to visit NAPO’s website.