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Missaukee County Administrators look forward to first contract

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: June 1, 2017

By Jennifer Gomori, POJ Editor

Missaukee County Administrators were never formally represented by a union – they didn’t feel the need. But with a growing Command staff, they decided to join the POLC.

“We actually have a good employer employee relationship. It’s just a matter of looking toward the future,” said 911 Coordinator Ed Nettle. “There have been additions, new supervisory positions added to the department over the last ten years.”

The POLC has represented Missaukee County’s Road Patrol, Dispatch and Corrections for over a decade as one collective unit.

“As we got larger, it became more appropriate to fall underneath a union … to maintain and ensure equality between supervisory and non-supervisory with regards to collective bargaining both now and for the future,” Nettle said.

The four-member group voted unanimously to join the Union and is set to begin negotiations this spring for their very first contract under the guidance of POLC Labor Rep. John Stidham.

“POLC has done a good job for those of us who were in non-supervisory at that time,” Nettle said. “Many of us have promoted up from non-supervisory. It only made sense for us to continue with POLC. We’re happy with POLC and (we joined) to maintain some consistency with the department as a whole and the employer.”

“We’re looking forward to establishing a contractual unit,” he said

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