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POLC Membership Services

Membership Services, Lloyd Whetstone

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Longtime former POLC Labor Representative Lloyd Whetstone took on his newly developed Membership Services position in 2015. His job includes recruiting new units to join the POLC, assisting with labor seminars, assisting labor representatives, setting up events and attending legislative meetings, such as Michigan Association of Police Organizations meetings. Whetstone became a POLC Labor Representative following his retirement from Flint Police Department in 1998. He began work as a Flint Police Cadet in December 1969 and became a sworn Flint Police Officer in 1973, serving 28 years. Whetstone brings decades of experience, having worked as a Local Steward and later Past President of the Flint Police Officers Association from 1985-1990. In October 1990, he was promoted to Sergeant and transitioned to President of the Flint Police Sergeants Association, a POLC unit, from 1993 through January 1998. During his career with Flint Police, he worked frauds, homicides, robberies and served on the Executive Protection Swat Team and as an arms instructor.