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POLC Statement on SB 594 and 595

Posted by: POLC Staff Posted date: October 6, 2017

The below was sent out on behalf of the POLC/GELC to all of the Senators in Lansing as our position on Senate Bills 594 and 595 which create an ability to establish private police forces.   A hearing was held on Thursday in which testimony only was taken and no vote or discussion was held.  We will keep you posted on any updates on this crucial law enforcement issue.


On behalf of the more than 17,000 members of the Michigan Association of Police Organizations, we write to you to express our opposition to Senate Bills 594 and 595.

Our opposition is based on concerns about public dollars being spent on law enforcement services with private contractors that have different standards, different transparency requirements and different accountability expectations.

We don’t believe Michigan citizens benefit from public safety being delivered on an ability-to-pay basis.

The private contractors will cherry-pick opportunities that are not labor and resource intensive using scare tactics criticizing the ability of public law enforcement to adequately protect. Resources that could be used to improve public safety for all will be diverted into private pockets. The private police entity will not hesitate to call on public police services at the first hint of a critical incident.

Another consequence of the creation of private police forces will be to add to the pressure on recruitment to the field of law enforcement. Because of the reduction in benefits and the deterioration of work conditions, Michigan law enforcement is facing ever-increasing recruiting challenges. The creation of private police agencies that can offer employment opportunities in “more attractive” environments will only add to the difficulty in recruiting quality candidates for public law enforcement positions.

We don’t believe the idea of private police agencies being pushed by out-of-state interests is good for Michigan law enforcement or Michigan’s citizens.

We urge you to vote NO on Senate Bills 594 and 595.


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