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Southfield Patrol brings 100 members to POLC

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: October 10, 2017

— By Jennifer Gomori, POJ Editor

Southfield Patrol joined the POLC this year, adding 100 new members to the organization, following years of dissatisfaction with their former union.

Southfield Police Association was operating as an Independent group. However, the new unit was affiliated with and continued to operate under a POAM contract, which expired June 30, 2017. They chose the POLC to represent them beginning in January 2017 with six months remaining on their former contract. This allowed the POLC to begin acting on their behalf in all labor matters prior to negotiating a new contract.

“Southfield voted as a group to leave the POAM and to come with us,” said Lloyd Whetstone, POLC/GELC Membership Services. “A majority of their members wanted to leave POAM. They have a separate service agreement with us to enforce their current agreement.”

POLC Labor Rep. Chet Kulesza said POAM didn’t want to release the group from paying their union dues before the contract expired.

“POAM will not relinquish them, but they did relinquish the fact that we can bargain with them,” Kulesza said in April. “We can do everything for them, except get dues from them.”

Kulesza said Southfield Patrol was impressed with the attention they received from the POLC, something they were lacking from their former union.

“They felt they weren’t getting the service they deserved,” Kulesza said.

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