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URGENT: Ask legislators to stick to Retirement Reform Task Force Report

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: November 27, 2017

It’s time to crank up phone calls and emails. Both the Michigan House and Michigan Senate will introduce “OPEB reform” bills simultaneously on Tuesday morning. These bills go beyond the Retirement Reform Task Force report.

We don’t have bill numbers yet so our message is simple: “STICK TO THE TASK FORCE REPORT”

The task force report is a document unanimously approved by labor, management and the private sector. These bills involve all of us, active municipal employees and retirees.

Please contact these legislators and ask them to vote against the OPEB reform bills:
House Speaker Tom Leonard – 517-373-1778 – [email protected] house.mi.gov
Majority Leader Lee Chatfield – 517-373-2629 – [email protected] house.mi.gov
Rep Jim Lilly – 517-373-0838 – [email protected] house.mi.gov
Rep Triston Cole – 517-373-0829 – [email protected] house.mi.gov
Rep Daire Rendon- 517-373-3817 – dairere [email protected]
Rep Hank Vaupel – 517-373-8835 – [email protected] house.mi.gov
Rep Jason Wentworth – 517-373-8962 – jasonwentwort [email protected]

Senator Mike Shirkey – 517-373-5932 – [email protected] senate.michigan.gov
Senator Jim Stamas – 517-373-7946 – [email protected] senate.michigan.gov
Senator John Proos – 517-373-6960 – [email protected] senate.michigan.gov
Senator Dave Robertson – 517-373-1636 – sendrobertson @senate.michigan.gov

We will provide the bill numbers to our members as soon as they become available. In the meantime, please also reach out to your local legislators, whose contact information is provided the links below.

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