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Washington Report – Aug. 8, 2017

Posted by: Jennifer Gomori Posted date: August 9, 2017

NAPO joined members of the Public Pension Network, a coalition of public pension practitioners and retirement systems, public sector labor organizations, and state and local government representatives, in meetings with House Ways and Means Committee staff to ensure the Committee is not planning to include changes to public pensions in tax reform. With Congress pledging to take up tax reform when it returns from recess in September, NAPO is working to gain assurance the Public Employee Pension Transparency Act (PEPTA) is not on the table. NAPO expressed strong opposition to the public pension requirements contained in PEPTA as they do not protect benefits, save costs or improve retirement system funding; In a victory for NAPO, Congress passed the Rapid DNA Act (S. 139 / H.R. 510), which would give law enforcement agencies greater ability to use technology to process DNA evidence in the field. Processing DNA evidence under current law can take weeks or even months due to backlogs at crime labs which significantly delays a perpetrator being brought to justice or an innocent victim being safe-guarded from harm. Rapid DNA technologies allow an officer to know within hours whether an individual is wanted for an outstanding crime or has a connection to evidence from a crime scene; NAPO pledged its support for the Building America’s Trust Act, White Collar Crime Control Act, and Stop Online Sex Trafficking Act: Building America’s Trust Act is a bill that increases federal support and resources at our nation’s borders to strengthen border security and enables federal, state and local law enforcement officers to work together to protect our communities though improved immigration enforcement; White Collar Crime Control Act reauthorizes the Economic, High Technology and Internet Crime Prevention (E-Crime) grant program. The E-Crime grant program provides critical funding, training and technical assistance to enhance the capacity of state and local law enforcement to prevent, investigate and respond to economic, cyber, and high-tech (“white collar”) crimes, including financial and identity theft, cyber stalking and internet crimes against children, which in this technological age can happen in any part of the country; and Stop Online Sex Trafficking Act would ensure websites, such as Backpage.com, that facilitate traffickers in advertising the sale of unlawful sex acts with sex trafficking victims can be brought to justice.

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